All-Star Carlos Correa not willing to restructure contract with Mets amid concerns over physical: report

The Carlos Correa situation continues to develop with a new report details the possibly of a restructured contract amid medical concerns.

Issues surrounding Correa’s physical previously caused his contract agreement with the Giants to fall through.

The Mets now have similar concerns related to the status of Correa’s surgically repaired right leg, a report from The Athletic revealed.

The two parties seem to believe the latest snag will not ultimately be a dealbreaker, but one of the options that has been presented is a restructured contract.

The Mets could add specific language to the agreement that makes accommodations for potential games Correa could miss due to his leg issue. However, a report from the New York Post said that Correa would push back against any restricting or alteration of his agreement with the Mets.

Correa’s unwillingness to listen to a restricted offer could potentially derail the agreement being finalized.

Jon Heyman of the New York Post said there is around a 55% chance of the team and the star shortstop reaching common ground.

Correa’s prospects on the free-agent market may not be very promising, considering that two big league clubs have made their concerns about his physical health known.

But, Heyman also reported that at least three other big league teams have contact Correa’s representations after the Mets concerns over his medical status came to light.

It is unclear if the Giants are one of those three teams. Earlier this week, Correa and his agent, Scott Boras, changed course when they pivoted from a 13-year, $350 million agreement with the Giants and decided to go with a separate deal with the Mets.

New York’s deal is reportedly a 12-year, $315 million agreement.

Mets owner Steve Cohen has publicly spoken about Correa’s contract, which could complicate things if the team does attempt to back out of the deal. Cohen previously told Heyman that, “We needed one more thing, and this was it.” He also said that “this puts us over the top,” in reference to the agreement with Correa.

The MLB typically does not want team executives or officials to make comments about pending agreements.

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